How to Integrate Contact Forms 7 (CF7) to Zapier

Do you want to integrate Zapier with your Contact Form 7 forms? Would you like to connect your WordPress forms to outside business applications? Let’s see how to do this in the article.

You can use Contact Form 7 to create contact forms in your WordPress site to collect leads and subscribers. You would want to connect these business forms to some of the business apps that you use.

Contact Form 7 – Zapier Integration

Contact Form 7 being an emerging WordPress form plugin is a great tool to use for business sites. Zapier is a popular tool that allows you to connect WordPress forms with many popular apps to automate business workflows.

Despite the fact that Zapier has 5,000+ app integrations, including some popular WordPress plugins, Zapier cannot be directly connected with the Contact Form 7 plugin.

Zapier has stated that it intends to integrate with the CF7 plugin, but they have not done so in a couple of years.

So if you want to integrate CF7 and Zapier you can make use of Zapier-CF7 Connect WordPress plugin.

Let’s see how you can connect CF7 with Zapier Automation tool.

Tablesome – WordPress Zapier Connect Plugin

You can use Tablesome, a WordPress Zapier connect plugin, to connect Contact Form 7 and Zapier. When a CF7 form is submitted, Tablesome can integrate CF7 webhooks with Zapier webhooks to send form data to Zapier.

Form submissions can be used as a Zapier trigger, and various actions can be carried out using the form data.

You can connect the contact forms on your WordPress site to any of the business apps you need when Zapier is integrated with Contact Form 7 via Tablesome.

You can start a Tablesome Free trial and test this CF7-Zapier Connect on your site.

How the Contact Form 7 Zapier Connect Works

You can use Tablesome to create a Contact Form 7 trigger and then use Zapier to perform an action on any of the forms that you use for your business.

  • Create a new ZAP in your Zapier account
  • After that, go to Webhooks -> Catch Hook -> Save + Continue
  • Go to your WordPress site tab and copy the URL displayed in Zapier
  • After that, navigate to Tablesome -> Settings -> Integrations -> Zapier
  • Copy and paste the URL you copied from Zapier
  • Then, using the Contact Form 7 OnForm Submit Trigger, create a new Tablesome workflow
  • Select the connect to Zapier Action and then save the workflow
  • Then, on the Zapier tab, configure the Action that you want to connect in Zapier
  • Save the Zap and take it for a spin

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