Contact Form Automation

Tablesome provides a long-list of Contact Form Automations and Integrations in its Workflows.

Popular Workflows

On Form Submit –> Add Table Row
On Form Submit –> Send Email
On Form Submit –> Generate CSV –> Send Email (with CSV)
Enable Frontend Edit  –> Edit own entries on frontend
On Form Submit –> Add HubSpot Contact
On Form Submit –> Add  Record to Notion DB
On Form Submit –> Redirection –> Enable Custom URL –> Send URL parameters

Available Integrations & Workflows


Save Entries using Add Row Action


Send personalized Email Notifications

Filter, Display & Edit

Filter & Display entries on Frontend, make them editable


Redirect, Create Post, Create User

Hubspot CRM

Add Contact, Add to List


Add Contact to MailChimp Audience


Send Notifications

Files Gen - CSV

Generate CSV file with entries and send via Email

Open AI / ChatGPT

Generate Content for Posts and Emails


Add to Spreadsheet, Save to Drive folder


Add Entries to Notion Databases

Supported Forms

Contact Form 7

Save Entries using Add Row Action


Add to MailChimp List


onFormSubmit Trigger

Gravity Forms

Add Contact, Add to List

Elementor Forms

Send Notifications

Fluent Forms

Send Email Notification

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