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Want to integrate your Elementor website to HubSpot CRM? Want to collect leads and gather information from your visitors using Elementor Forms and send the data to HubSpot CRM?

Elementor helps you create visually appealing and effective forms on a drag-and-drop interface that can help you collect and manage leads on WordPress your website.

If you use HubSpot for marketing and sales,integrating Elementor Forms to HubSpot allows you to capture leads directly from your website and add them to your HubSpot account.

How to connect Elementor Forms to HubSpot – Step by step tutorial

Tablesome – HubSpot Elementor Integration Add-on

To integrate HubSpot with Elementor, you’ll need to install a HubSpot Elementor integration plugin on your WordPress site. You can make use of Tablesome HubSpot integration plugin to send Elementor form submissions data to HubSpot CRM.

When you fill out a form, the information is automatically sent to your HubSpot dashboard, where you can manage, track, and segment your contacts.

You can easily start a Tablesome Trial and try for free!

Elementor HubSpot Integration using Tablesome

  • Easily and quickly sync all Elementor form submissions to HubSpot CRM.
  • When a form is submitted, HubSpot CRM should automatically create or update a contact.
  • In HubSpot CRM, track user insights such as pages visited, forms filled out, user interests, and so on.

Generate HubSpot API Key & Connect to WordPress

By adding the HubSpot API key to Tablesome, you can connect your Elementor Forms and HubSpot. You can link your HubSpot account to an unlimited number of Elementor Forms. To connect to multiple HubSpot accounts you would make use of Oauth 2.0.

Mapping HubSpot fields to Elementor Forms fields

You can map HubSpot object fields to Elementor Forms form fields to add contacts to your HubSpot account. Form fields on Elementor forms can be easily mapped to fields on any HubSpot object (Contact, Ticket, etc.) or HubSpot form.

Filter Elementor Forms Submissions Export to HubSpot

You are only permitted a certain number of contacts on HubSpot’s free service. Therefore, you can use Tablesome to pick and choose which contact information to send to HubSpot if you don’t want to send all Elementor Forms entries to HubSpot.
Filter using Conditional Logic
To ensure that only submissions that satisfy a particular set of requirements are sent to HubSpot, Elementor Form submissions can be filtered using conditional logic set on Tablesome workflow. Compared to using the HubSpot forms of conditional logic, it is much better.
Filter Spam Contacts before sending to HubSpot

Before sending the contact information to HubSpot, you can apply a spam filter on Tablesome. You could add a spam filter, which will help you stop spammers from adding contacts to your HubSpot contacts.

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