Send Elementor Form Entries to SendinBlue Lists with Tablesome Automator

Do you want to expand your subscriber list using Elementor Pro’s powerful form builder? Do you want to engage with Elementor Form submitters with helpful emails or great newsletters using Sendinblue?

You can do so by integrating your Elementor Form with Sendinblue List through API integration. Let’s see how you can do this in this post.

Tablesome – Elementor Sendinblue Integration Addon

Tablesome is an Elementor Sendinblue integration plugin that sends form submission data and contacts to Sendinblue.

When someone fills out a form in Elementor, their contact information is saved to your Sendinblue list.

With Tablesome, you can sync any custom fields on your Elementor Forms to custom fields in Sendinblue, and apply tags based on the form that was submitted.

By using Tablesome to automatically export leads to Sendinblue, you may save time by eliminating the tedious process of transferring leads from Elementor to Sendinblue.

Elementor Sendinblue Integration Features

Sendinblue API Key

You must first create a Sendinblue account and then generate a new API Key. This Sendinblue API key can be copied and pasted into Tablesome Settings in your WordPress admin.

Add to Sendinblue Lists

Tablesome allows you to select the Sendinblue List to which you wish to add Elementor form submissions. You may even connect many Sendinblue lists to a single Elementor form.

Map Elementor Forms fields with Sendinblue Attributes

You can connect any Elementor Forms field with the Sendinblue characteristics. You can map a form field to numerous Sendinblue attributes using Tablesome.

Apply Conditions for Adding Contacts

You can use simple and advanced conditions to filter which contacts are added to your Sendinblue Lists.

This can assist you in qualifying leads prior to adding them to your lists.

How to connect Elementor Forms to Sendinblue using Tablesome?

Once you have installed the Tablesome plugin, you need to follow the instructions provided by the plugin developer to connect Elementor Forms to Sendinblue. Then you need to:

  • Go to Tablesome → Settings and enter your Sendinblue API key. You can find your API key in your Sendinblue account under SMTP & API.
  • Create a form with Elementor Forms and open the Actions After Submit pane.
  • Select Tablesome from the dropdown of available actions.
  • Configure the Tablesome settings for your form. You can choose which Sendinblue list to add your contacts to, which custom fields to sync, and which tags to apply.
  • Save your form and test it.
  • You should see your contacts appear in your Sendinblue list with the correct attributes and tags.


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