Pull Data from Google Sheets to WordPress – Create Posts, Pages & Table

Do you want to create a responsive WordPress table that pulls data from a Google Spreadsheet? Looking to connect Google Sheets to WordPress and create and update WordPress posts, pages, and CPTs from Google Sheets? Want to automatically update your WordPress site with the latest information from your Google Sheets spreadsheet?

Tablesome – Google Sheets WordPress Plugin

Tablesome is a WordPress Google Sheets integration plugin, that allow you to connect your WordPress site and Google Sheets using which you can sync WordPress Posts, Pages and Tables to a Google Spreadsheet.


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Create a WordPress table with Google Sheets data with Tablesome

Tablesome is the easiest way to pull data from Google Sheets and display it within a table in WordPress. Using Tablesome, you can connect Google Sheets with your WordPress site and create responsive tables that update automatically when you edit your spreadsheet. It also allows you to customize the appearance and functionality of your tables with various display options and styling features.

How to Create a WordPress table with Google Sheets data?


Google Sheets to WordPress table


  1. Create a Google Sheets spreadsheet with the data you want to display on your website.
  2. Publish the Google Sheets online by going to File → Publish to the web and copying the URL.
  3. Install and activate the Tablesome plugin of your choice on your WordPress site.
  4. Create a new table and choose the Load Table trigger and select Load GSheet action
  5. Paste the Google Sheets URL in the workflow
  6. Select the fields and columns you want to show on your table and adjust the layout and design as you wish in the display settings tab
  7. Publish the table and copy the shortcode or use the Gutenberg block to insert it on any page or post where you want to display your data.

Create WordPress Posts from Google Sheets data with Tablesome

You can also create WordPress posts, pages, and CTPs from Google Sheets using Tablesome plugin. Tablesome is a WordPress automation tool using which you can automate the process of creating a new post every time a new row is added to your Google Sheets spreadsheet. You have to map the WordPress post fields such as post title, content, categories, tags, etc, to their corresponding columns of the spreadsheet.

Note: This feature is currently under-development, and not yet released.

How to Create WordPress Posts from Google Sheets data?

  1. Install and activate the Tablesome – WordPress Google Sheets plugin on your WordPress site.
  2. Create a new Google Spreadsheet and set up the columns to match the post fields that you want to include in your WordPress post. Each row in the sheet will correspond to one WordPress post.
  3. Using Tablesome, sign in to your Google account from your WordPress site, this allows your site to receive data from Google Sheets.
  4. Then create a Google Sheets Post creation workflow, in Tablesome.
  5. Choose the trigger event as “Added New Row” or “Updated Row”.
  6. Choose the action as “Create Post” and map the fields and columns of your spreadsheet to the post attributes.
  7. Map the columns in your Google Sheet to the fields in your WordPress post. You can also choose the post type, category, and other settings.
  8. Save this workflow and create a new row in the Google spreadsheet and check your WordPress site to confirm that the posts were created correctly and that the data was imported as expected.

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