Connect Gravity Forms to Google Drive

Are you looking to connect Google Drive and Gravity Forms? Do you want to automatically backup your Gravity Form entries and file uploads when a form is submitted on your WordPress site?

Gravity Forms saves the form submissions as entries on your WordPress database. It also saves the file uploads to the WP Media Library.

You should save the form entries to an external database so that the data is safe in case the file becomes corrupted. It also allows you to share form entry data with your team and other collaborators when it is saved on an external storage space like Google Drive.

Many website hosting providers place restrictions on the size of files and data that can be stored. As a result, you might not want to exceed the storage limit on your WordPress site hosting. You must save the files uploaded from your WordPress site using Gravity Forms to an external storage space, such as Google Drive, for this.

Tablesome – Gravity Forms Forms Google Drive Integration Plugin

Tablesome is a Gravity Forms Addon for Google Drive and it helps connect your WordPress site to your Google Account to share data from your site to Google apps such as Google Drive and Google Spreadsheet. Tablesome is the best way to export Gravity Forms entries to your Google Drive account.

It automatically converts your Gravity Forms entries as CSV files and saves it to a selected folder in your Google Drive, when a user submits the form entry,

Tablesome can also be used as a Gravity Forms Google Spreadsheet Addon, that helps you connect and sync Gravity Forms entries with Google Sheets, which you can access from your Google Drive account.

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How to Connect Gravity Forms and Google Drive with Tablesome

Note: Before moving to this steps you have to install and activate the Tablesome Pro plugin.

  • In your WordPress dashboard, go to Tablesome –> Integrations –> Google and log in with your Google Account.
  • In the authorization page, grant Tablesome access to your Google Drive.
  • Go to Tablesome –> Create New Table to set up a workflow for integrating Gravity Forms and Google Drive.
  • Choose the ‘Gravity Forms OnForm Submit trigger’ under the workflows section, then choose one of your forms from the dropdown menu that appears.
  • Next, select the Files – Generate CSV action under Action.
  • Now you can choose the ‘Google Drive’ storing options and save the workflow.

Your Gravity Forms form is now linked to the specified Google Drive folder, where your form submissions will be saved as CSV files.

Upcoming Features

Save Gravity Forms File Uploads to Google Drive

You can only export the entries as CSV files at this time. Later, you’ll have the option to save server space on your website by backing up your Gravity Forms submissions’ file uploads to Google Drive.

Create a Google Drive upload form

Gravity Forms, which enables users to upload files directly to your Google Drive account, can be used to create a WordPress Google Drive upload form.

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