Create WordPress Posts from Notion Automatically!

Are you currently using Notion to write articles that you then copy and paste onto your WordPress blog? Want to use WordPress to display your Notion content? Do you intend to use Notion as a WordPress site content calendar?

Why Connect Notion and WordPress?

Though Notion is excellent for creating and collaborating on content, especially now that it has AI-assisted writing. However, when it comes to publicly distributing content, Notion’s URL options are extremely limited. There are also very few SEO solutions in Notion.

WordPress, on the other hand, is SEO-friendly and ideal for public-facing websites. So, for the greatest results, you might use the best of the two platforms to quickly create content in Notion and instantly publish it on a WordPress website.
In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to connect your Notion account to your WordPress site.

Tablesome – Notion to WordPress Connector Plugin

You can easily export your content from Tablesome to WordPress by clicking a button. You can create and manage content in Notion and then automatically import and sync it to WordPress pages and posts thanks to Tablesome’s Notion to WordPress integration.

So, you will be able to create new WordPress pages and posts directly from Notion. You can import images from the Notion page to WordPress in addition to text. Images can be easily added to the WordPress image library.

Note: Notion to WordPress Integration with Tablesome is in development and you can apply to get the Beta version when it is ready!

Apply for Tablesome Beta Now!

Connect Notion Database to WordPress page

  • Several Notion databases can be linked to certain WordPress pages. In WordPress, you can also apply numerous conditions to create a page.
  • You can choose any custom post type, including WooCommerce products, events, and more, in addition to posts and pages.
  • You can also choose certain post taxonomy, such as Categories and Tags, among others.
  • You can map the Notion table columns to post fields like post title, post content, post excerpt, and so on.
  • When a post is created you can select the status of the post such as Draft, Pending, Published, etc,

Block support:

Since both Notion and WordPress are block-based editors, you would expect the WordPress blocks to support content from Notion blocks. Tablesome understands the block editors and converts the Notion blocks into appropriate WordPress blocks.
It support blocks such as: Title, URL, Paragraph, Heading (1,2,3), Bullet list/Order list, Image, Video, File, etc,

Update content:

When you make changes to the published Notion document, simply click update in Tablesome, which will update the content of the previously exported post in WordPress.

Scheduled Updates:

Aside from updating the content when a concept page is created and changed, you may also want to plan automated updates, in which Tablesome checks for updates at set times and updates the content if there are any changes.

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