Save File Uploads from Forms & Tables!

Many Tablesome users have a file upload field in their forms and requested that Tablesome should support the file uploads.

So in the latest version of Tablesome (1.0.13) we have added support for saving file uploads.

This version of Tablesome includes capabilities to save, edit, and display file uploads from the supported form plugins in the table.

  • File uploads will be automatically saved if “Auto-detect” form fields is enabled.
  • For manually matched columns, create a new column and change to ‘Media’ column type and map it to the file upload field.

You can also manually upload and display files using the ‘Media’ column type without linking them to forms.

In the premium version we have also extended the Frontend editor to support Checkbox columns

If you are already using Tablesome simply update to the latest version to save and display file uploads.

You can download the Tablesome plugin and try it out if you’re a new user.

If you enjoy using Tablesome, kindly leave us a review! It encourages us to keep on going on!

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