Save WordPress Form Entries Data to Google Sheets and Google Drive

We have just released Tablesome v 1.0.5, and it comes with the most awaited Google Sheets and Google Drive integration in the premium version. In this release you can connect your WordPress site to your Google account to:

  1. Save form entries data to Google Spreadsheets
  2. Save form entries data as CSV files to a Google Drive folder

Let’ dive deeper into the Google Apps Integration:

Connect WordPress Forms to Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an online tool for creating and editing spreadsheets. It’s popular for its ability to analyze various types of data and allow real-time collaboration.

If you generate leads through WordPress Forms, you can save the data to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Tablesome is a tool that enables you to connect WordPress forms to Google Sheets and export unlimited form entries without needing to code.

GSheet Add Row Action

In Tablesome Pro 1.0.5, we have introduced a new GSheet Add Row action that works with OnFormSubmit Trigger of all the supported WordPress form plugins.

  • To do this, you can sign in to your Google Account by going to Tablesome → Tablesome Settings → Integrations → Google

  • Choose the spreadsheet from the list of sheets in your Google account
  • Select the specific worksheet within a spreadsheet
  • Map WordPress forms fields to Google Spreadsheet columns

When a new form is submitted by a visitor it will be automatically saved to the Google Spreadsheet you have selected.

Connect WordPress Forms to Google Drive

Besides storing data to Google Sheets you can also save to form entries data to a selected Google Drive folder as a CSV file.

This Google Drive integration is available with the existing Generate CSV Action that works with OnFormSubmit Trigger.

In the Generate CSV action, you get the option to store the file in Google Drive. You have to add the URL of the Google Drive Folder to which you want to save the CSV file.

Try it Now!

Tablesome Google Apps integration (Sheets & Drive) is available in the premium version.

If you are a free plugin user you can start a free Tablesome trial and give it a try.

If you already have Tablesome Pro, simply update to the current version and enjoy.

If you love Tablesome, please leave us a review! It encourage us to keep going!

You can vote for the upcoming features in Tablesome here. 

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