Data Tables for WordPress

With Tablesome, you can create tables or connect your existing data from Posts, Forms and anywhere else to the data features of a table.

Simple Tasks Made Powerful

Frontend Editing

You can let logged-in users edit table entries or even delete them. Control Frontend editing using User Roles.

Filter, Sort & Search

No more complex wizards for simple table controls. Filtering, Sorting and Search is one-click away.

More Features...

Drag and Drop Rows

Drag and Drop Rows to re-order them according to your every whim.

Import/Export Tables

Import tables from CSV, XLS formats or export them thus.

Styles and Customisations

Choose from many available themes or customize every part of your table.

Responsive Tables

Tablesome tables are responsive from the get go. No need any addons.

9 Column Formats and more to come...

All formats you need and more coming. Text, Numbers, Rich Text, Checkbox, Images, URL, Button, Email and Date…

Duplicate Table

One Click to duplicate your entire table. Great for power users.

Workflow Features

Load Any Post Type into Tables

Load posts, pages, products, events or any other post type in WordPress directly from Workflow Settings.

Pre-Filter Table

You can pre-filter table based on categories, logged-in UserId and more. Works well with front-end editing.

Add Rows to Table Based on Triggers

Using workflows, you can automate creation of rows using Add Row action. One popular use-case is On Form Submission -> Add Row.

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