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Do you want to retain copies of the emails sent to customers for compliance and auditing? Do you want to diagnose and fix issues related to email delivery?

Email logging is the process of recording information about the emails sent from a website. This includes details such as the sender and recipient email addresses, the subject line, the message body, and any attachments.

In a WordPress site, email logging can be done using WordPress email log plugins that capture and store email data in a database or log file. They allow the WordPress site owner to monitor the status of their emails.

Let’s see how you can use a  WordPress email log plugin to log all the emails from your site.

Tablesome – WordPress Email Log Plugin

Tablesome is a WordPress database plugin that allows you to store email logs in the database for debugging email-sending issues, record-keeping, and auditing purposes.

Using Tablesome, you can save, view, and export logs of all the emails sent from your WordPress site.

It works based on triggers and actions, that is when a trigger action is initiated you can set several actions to be performed.

It gives you a “On Send Email” trigger that helps store email logs to a table. Each new email will be saved as a new record in a separate Email Log table.

  • When viewing the email logs you can use the Search, Sort, and Filter options to find the emails based on Date, Subject, Email, etc.,
  • You can export the email logs as CSV or XLSX files. You can filter and download only the email log data you need.

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Note: Email re-sending, forwarding, and bulk deleting are in the backlog and will be added soon.

How to save WordPress emails logs using Tablesome

To continue to the below steps you have to install and activate the Tablesome plugin on your site.

  • Go to Tablesome → Add New Table
  • Give it a suitable title
  • In the sidebar, go to the Workflows tab
  • Under triggers you will find all of the triggers provided by Tablesome, you have to find and select the “On Send Email” trigger
  • Then an actions tab will be opened in which you have to choose Tablesome “Add Row” action, which will add the details to a new row in the table when an email is sent on your WordPress site.
  • A map fields section will be opened.

Map Email fields to Table columns

  • You have to map the email fields to table columns to save the email data to the corresponding table columns.
  • You can select which email fields to be stored such as To, Subject, Message, Attachments, and more fields.
  • After field mapping, save the table and the email logs will be stored when an email is sent from your site.
What kind of emails can be stored in the email log?

All emails sent from your site including WooCommerce emails, and basic WordPress site emails such as password reset emails, new account email notification emails, form notification emails, etc., will be stored in the email log.

Does it store emails sent using SMTP?

Yes, you can store all WordPress emails sent using SMTP plugins.

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