How to Connect WordPress Forms to Sendinblue and Export Contacts Automatically!

Do you want visitors to your WordPress site to subscribe to Sendinblue lists? Want to link a Sendinblue account to WordPress forms? Are you thinking about using Sendinblue for your email marketing?

Why use WordPress Forms for Sendinblue integration?

There are different ways to create forms in WordPress and Sendinblue, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. The choice between WordPress forms and Sendinblue forms depends on your needs and preferences.

Sendinblue Forms

  • It is good for simple forms like newsletter subscriptions, lead generation, etc.
  • Sendinblue forms are stored on Sendinblue servers and you need to embed them on your website using a code snippet or a WordPress plugin.

WordPress Forms

  • WordPress forms are stored on your website and you have full control over them.
  • You can use WordPress forms for more advanced forms like contact requests, registration, Request a quote, RSVP, feedback, bookings, etc.,
  • You can also use conditional logic, file uploads, payment gateways, and other advanced features with WordPress forms.

Tablesome – WordPress Sendinblue Integration Plugin

To connect your WordPress forms to Sendinblue you need to use a plugin that integrates the two platforms. Tablesome is a WordPress Sendinblue integration plugin that you can use to connect WordPress and Sendinblue and automatically send contacts using Sendinblue API when a form is submitted in WordPress.

Note: WordPress forms to Sendinblue Integration with Tablesome is in development and you can apply to get the Beta version when it is ready!

Apply for Tablesome Beta Now!

WordPress Sendinblue Integration Features:

  • Supports integrating multiple WordPress form plugins to Sendinblue
  • Connect multiple WordPress forms to different Sendinblue lists
  • Map any WordPress forms field with Sendinblue attributes
  • You can choose one or more lists where you want to send data
  • Activate a double opt-in field and choose the confirmation email template
  • Add conditions, actions, and filters to customize your integration

WPForms to Sendinblue

To send WPForms entries to Sendinblue, utilize Tablesome as a WPForms Sendinblue add-on. By adding your API key to Tablesome, you can link your Sendinblue account to WPForms.

After that, you can map the form fields to other fields in Sendinblue by creating a WPForms Sendinblue integration workflow in Tablesome. If you’d like, you can integrate Sendinblue using conditional logic.

Gravity Forms to Sendinblue

You must install and activate the Tablesome – Gravity Forms Sendinblue Add-On in order to connect Gravity Forms to Sendinblue. Next, you must make an integration workflow and map the form fields to the Sendinblue attributes for each form you want to connect to the service.

A double opt-in box can be activated, you can add conditions and filters for your contacts, and you can select one or more lists to which you want to send data.

Contact Form 7 to Sendinblue

Install and activate the Tablesome – Sendinblue addon for Contact Form 7 to transmit Contact Form 7 form submissions to the Sendinblue list. Then, in Tablesome, enter your API key to connect your Sendinblue account to Contact Form 7.

Then, by creating a Contact Form 7 Sendinblue workflow, you can edit your contact forms and enable the Sendinblue integration. You can also associate form fields with Sendinblue attributes, select one or more lists to which you want to send data, and enable a double opt-in field.

Forminator to Sendinblue

Install and activate the Tablesome Forminator Sendinblue Add-On plugin to automatically export Forminator entries to Sendinblue. Then, make a new Sendinblue integration and choose the Forminator OnForm Submit Trigger and Add to Sendinblue Contacts action.

Then, map the form fields to the Sendinblue attributes and select the list to which you want to send data. For your contacts, you can also add conditional logic and filters.

Fluent Forms to Sendinblue

You must install and activate the Tablesome – Sendinblue Fluent Forms addon in order to export entries from Fluent Forms to Sendinblue. After that, you must add your API key to the Sendinblue Settings tab in order to link your Sendinblue account to Fluent Forms.

After that, you must choose the send to Sendinblue action when creating a new Fluent Forms workflow for your form. Additionally, you can select the list to which you want to send data by mapping the form fields with Sendinblue attributes. For your contacts, you can also add conditional logics and filters.

Elementor Forms to Sendinblue

Sendinblue receives form submission data and contact information with the Tablesome Sendinblue integration plugin for Elementor.

With Tablesome, you can apply tags based on the form that was submitted and sync any custom fields from your Elementor Forms to custom fields in Sendinblue.

You might save time by avoiding the laborious process of transferring leads from Elementor to Sendinblue by utilizing Tablesome to automatically export leads to Sendinblue.

How to connect WordPress Forms to Sendinblue using Tablesome?

To use this plugin, you need to follow these steps:

  • Install and activate the Tablesome – WordPress Sendinblue add-on on your WordPress website
  • Get your Sendinblue API key from your Sendinblue account and paste it in the plugin settings
  • Go to Tablesome → Create New Table and give this table an appropriate title
  • You can find a Triggers & Actions toolbar on the left side of the table
  • Setup a new trigger for the WordPress form plugin that you use – On Form Submit → Select Form
  • Under ‘Actions’ setup an action by selecting Sendinblue integration and Add Contact action
  • Then you can select the Sendinblue list in which you want to save the contact
  • Map the WordPress Forms fields with the Sendinblue attributes
  • Enable or disable the double opt-in option and select the email template
  • Add any conditions, actions, or filters if needed
  • Save the workflow and test your form

Sendinblue and our WordPress form have been successfully integrated, so whenever a form is submitted, your subscribers will be added.

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