Connect WPForms to Google Drive Integration to Upload Form Entries

Do you want to connect WPForms to Google Drive without using Zapier? Would you like to save your WPForms entry files and file uploads to Google Drive? Do you want to make a Google Drive upload form so that users may upload files directly from your WordPress site?

As you may already know WPForms is a WordPress form plugin that helps you create many types of online forms on your WordPress website. Also, Google Drive is a popular online file storage platform, that enables users to store and access files online.

WPForms suggests that you use Zapier, a SaaS tool, but they do not suggest a native WordPress tool.

Let’s see how you can integrate Google Sheets and WPForms without Zapier.

Tablesome – WPForms Google Drive Integration Addon

Tablesome is a Google Drive WPForms addon that allows you to connect Google Drive folders to WPForms forms in order to send files from your WordPress site to Google Drive. You can create a streamlined workflow with Tablesome for managing form data and can help you get valuable insights into your website visitors and customers.

Tablesome can be used to integrate WordPress, WPForms, and Google Drive in order to store and organize form entries as well as automate other operations.

With Tablesome you can generate a CSV file when a form entry is submitted in WPForms and it automatically sends the CSV file to a selected Google Drive Folder.

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How to Connect WPForms and Google Drive with Tablesome

  • Go to Tablesome –> Integrations –> Google and sign in to your Google Account.
  • Give access to your Google Drive for Tablesome, in the authorization page
  • Setup a WPForms and Google Drive integration workflow in Tablesome by going to Tablesome –> Create New Table
  • Go to workflows, and select the ‘WPForms OnForm Submit trigger’ and choose the form you want to integrate
  • Then go to Action and select the Files – Generate CSV action
  • Now you can select the storing in ‘Google Drive’ options and save the workflow

Now you WPForms form is connected to a Google Drive folder and your form entries will be saved as CSV files in the selected folder.

Benefits of WPForms Google Drive Integration

Store and organize form entries

All of the WPForms entries you get can be stored and organized using Google Drive. This makes it simple to organize and keep track of all the data you get via your forms.

Automate data entry

WPForms Google Drive integration allows you to automate data entry by sending form submissions to a Google Sheet. This can save you time and lessen the possibility of errors when entering data manually.

Collaborate with others

You can share the Google Drive folders with form entries with other members of your team or external partners, making it easy to collaborate on data analysis and reporting.

Backup data

By syncing your form entries to Google Drive, you can create a backup of your data. This ensures that you have a copy of your form entries in case of a website outage, data loss, or other unexpected events.

Upcoming Features:

Save WPForms File Uploads to Google Drive

You can back up your file uploads from your WPForms submissions to Google Drive and save space on your website’s server.

Create a Google Drive upload form

You can create a WordPress Google Drive upload form that allows users to upload files directly to your Google Drive account.

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