Activation Tablesome, Managing Subscriptions, Licenses, Payments & More

If you facing any issue with Activating Tablesome on you site or other subscription related issues you can you can login to your User Dashboard using this link.

Switching Payment Methods

Let’s say a customer needs to switch their payment method. All they need to do is login on your website and they can update to their newly issued credit card number, switch from PayPal to credit card or vice versa, all under the Renewals & Billing tab.

Upgrading or Canceling a Subscription

If customers want to cancel or upgrade a subscription for more licenses, support, etc., they can do it under the Licenses tab. Proration, trials, and renewals are automatically handled.

Manage Downloads & Licenses

Your users may need to access their downloads, upgrade a license, or event whitelist a site for license activation. Just remind them about the User Dashboard to manage it all themselves.

Issuing invoices for EU VAT

If you need a new invoice with an updated EU VAT number on it. All you have to do is login, update the VAT ID in their profile, and go to the Order History tab and they can generate one themselves.