Deleted columns reappear after new form submissions

You have deleted the columns in Tablesome that correspond to the form fields that you don’t want to store. However, after the columns are deleted, they reappear after a fresh form entry is made.
If you’re having this issue, keep reading to learn how to fix it.

This issue would arise because this is not the proper way to prevent some of the form fields from saving.

Let’s look at how to prevent certain form entries from being stored in tables, preventing the reappearance of deleted columns.

  • Go to your form entry table in Tablesome.
  • Under Add Row action, you could see the Auto-detect Form Fields being enabled. This option detects the form fields in your form automatically; for example, if you add a new form field, it will detect it and create a new column in the table.
  • When you enable this option, even if you delete a column, it will reappear as it is intended.


  • Therefore, in order to effectively prevent the form fields from being stored, you must disable “Auto-detect.”
  • After auto detection is turned off, deleting the column will prevent it from reappearing.