Now you can customize Styles for each table!

When you have many different tables on your site, its natural that you want them to have different styles. Tablesome has made it easier for you to create multiple tables with different styles.

We have just released Tablesome v 0.8.3, in which you can customize the styles of individual tables. You will get a Styles tab on the toolbar in the table edit page, where you have several style options. This styling option is for table level styling, in addition to the existing global level styling options.

In the Style tab you have 3 options:

  1. Standard – select styles from pre-made style theme
  2. Customize – manually change styles for table elements
  3. Global – apply the styles from Global settings


In the Standard tab, you will have a list of pre-made style themes. Some are free and others will be available in the Pro version.
You also have options to change the font, font size, font color, border size, and text alignment.

Customize (Pro)

In the Customize tab, you could customize the style of every table element, namely:

  • Header
  • Rows
  • Pagination
  • Search bar
  • Filter

You can change the font, font size & color, background color, text color, hover/active color, padding, border width, size & color, and text alignment.

You could also change these options for mobile devices.

If you don’t want to customize the table styling you can choose Global which will apply the style in the Tablesome Settings page.

Try these table level styles and tell us what you think

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