How to Integrate Elementor Forms to WhatsApp?

Do you use Elementor forms and want to be notified instantly on WhatsApp when a form is submitted on your site? Need to share the Elementor Form submissions data in the WhatsApp group with your team? Do you want to send people who fill out an Elementor Form to WhatsApp app on mobile devices or WhatsApp Web?

Elementor WhatsApp Integration

When you have a WordPress business site powered by Elementor you would want to integrate your site with the apps that you use for your business operations.

WhatsApp being a popular messenger app that is used by many business owners and their customers, can be integrated with Elementor for quick communication.

How to Connect Elementor Form to WhatsApp in WordPress

You need to use Tablesome which is an Elementor WhatsApp integration plugin that can connect Elementor with WhatsApp. When a form is submitted in an Elementor Form, Tablesome will send an instant message that is received in your WhatsApp account.

Tablesome connector for WhatsApp integration

You can easily start a Tablesome free trial here.

With Tablesome you can connect your Elementor Forms with your WhatsApp Credentials.

Besides sending the Elementor Form data to WhatsApp, you can also redirect the user to WhatsApp and also add a WhatsApp Chat widget on the Elementor page.

Sending Elementor Form to WhatsApp Message 

When Elementor and WhatsApp are connected, your customers would be able to reach you on WhatsApp without getting your contact number.

You can use Tablesome to send the Elementor Form submission data to your WhatsApp number automatically. You can send Elementor Form data directly to WhatsApp to perform:

  • Send a text message to WhatsApp
  • Send files submitted on Elementor Form to WhatsApp
  • Create a new WhatsApp group
Custom Elementor Form Notification Message

Tablesome allows you to customize the Elementor Form notification message that is sent to your WhatsApp account. The WhatsApp message can have any or all of the submitted form fields data.

Elementor WhatsApp Button

In your Elementor landing pages, you can easily add a WhatsApp button. This Elementor  WhatsApp button when clicked by the user will be redirected to WhatsApp.

Redirect Elementor Form to WhatsApp

When a user submits an Elementor Form, they will be redirected to WhatsApp with the information you fill in the form and then the user clicks on the continue to chat button.

Desktop users will be redirected to WhatsApp Web and smartphone / mobile users to be redirected to the WhatsApp app. You can choose to open the WhatsApp window in the same or a new window.

Elementor Whatsapp Chat widget

Tablesome gives you an Elementor Whatsapp Chat widget is a quick way for your website viewers to communicate with you via WhatsApp and get their questions answered.

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