Styling WordPress Tables with Free Tablesome Table Plugin

Do you want to style your WordPress tables to make them elegant looking? Do you want to match the WordPress table styles to match your brand? Don’t want to use CSS and HTML to style WordPress tables? Try Tablesome to create beautiful and stylish WordPress tables.

WordPress Table Styles with Free Tablesome

Tablesome has just made it easy for you to customize each of your WordPress tables. Now you can stop having regular styled tables with plain background & borders and create beautiful and unique tables on your WordPress site.

You can download Tablesome free plugin here.

Previously, Tablesome came with Global level settings for table styling.

The new and advanced Table Level Style settings will be released in sequential releases available from the end of May to mid-June.

You will get a toolbar on the table edit page, where you can change the table level settings for each table.

In this settings toolbar, you will have options to customize the table settings for individual tables. You can change things such as:

  • Table Styles
  • Table Layouts
  • Table Options
See how you can create and style tables in WordPress using Tablesome in the video below:

WordPress Table Level Style Settings

You can customize the table styles for each table that you create on your WordPress site. You could customize the style of every table element namely:

  • Table header
  • Table rows
  • Table columns
  • Table pagination
  • Table search bar and filters

You can change the typography (font, font size, font color, etc.), background color, alignment, padding, border width & color, and more.

WordPress Table Style Themes

Also, Tablesome will have several ready-made Table Style Themes that you can choose from a list of elegant-looking style themes.

Themes can also have alternating row background colors.

Tablesome aims to remove the need for CSS customizations. It’s much better than creating an HTML table and styling using CSS.

WordPress Table Layout Settings

You can customize the table layout for each table, these layout settings include Standard or Fit -To-Container, Scroll-bar or Stack Mode, and more responsive layout options.

You could have different table layouts for Desktop and Mobile devices.

WordPress Table Option Settings

You will be able to select data table options such as Search, Sort, Filter, Pagination, etc., for each table.

Your tables can have different table options onĀ  Desktop and Mobile devices.

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