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Want to connect Contact Form 7 forms to Google Sheets spreadsheet? Looking for CF7 Google Sheets Connector addon? Do you want to backup your Contact Form 7 form submissions on Google Sheets? Let’s see how you can integrate Contact Form 7 with Google Sheets.

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular WordPress Form plugins for quickly and easily creating contact forms. It is versatile due to the existence of many adjustable fields, and it also aids in the fight against spam

Google Sheets is a very popular online spreadsheet tool allows users to edit and analyze different types of data that can be collaboratively created and shared in real-time.

CF7 Google Sheets Connector – Tablesome

The easiest solution to integrate your Contact Form 7 with Google Spreadsheets is with Tablesome, a CF7 Google Sheets Connector plugin.

When a website visitor submits data using a Contact Form 7 form, Tablesome functions as a bridge between your WordPress-based forms and Google Sheets so that the data is automatically transmitted to Google Sheets.

It is substantially better and more dependable to integrate CF7 with Google Sheets using Tablesome, when compared to other solutions available.

You can easily start a Tablesome free trial here.

How to Connect Contact Form 7 to Google Sheets

Let’s look at a step-by-step guide on how to quickly integrate Contact Form 7 with Google Sheets.

Create a Contact Form 7 form for Google Sheets Integration:

  • In your WordPress dashboard, go to Contact → Add New
  • Here, create a CF7 form that you want to connect to Google Sheets
  • Add it to any WordPress page using the shortcode

Create a new Google Spreadsheet

  • Go to Google Sheets site and login using your Google Account
  • Create a new spreadsheet and give it a suitable title
  • The 1st row of your worksheet will be used to Tablesome to match the CF7 form fields with Google Spreadsheet columns
  • So make sure to add the header data into your spreadsheet corresponding to the form fields

Connecting WordPress to Google account

Tablesome allows you to connect your WordPress site with Contact Form 7 to your Google account (with Gmail) using safe and secure Oauth 2.0. You can connect multiple forms to a single Google Sheets Spreadsheets or can sync each form to a single spreadsheet.

Using Oauth 2.0 is more reliable and safer authentication than using Google Sheets API credentials.

  1. Install and activate the Tablesome the Contact Form 7 – Google Sheets Connector plugin on your WordPress site.
  2. Then go to Tablesome → Tablesome Settings → Integrations → Google

  3. Then click the “Connect to Google Sheets” button.
  4. A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to sign in to your Google account. Sign in and grant the plugin permission to access your Google Sheets documents.
  5. After you have connected to your Google account save the Tablesome settings

Create a Contact Form 7 to Google Sheets Integration Workflow:

Now that your WordPress site is connected to Google Sheets, we have to create an automated workflow that sends data from Contact Form 7 to a Google Spreadsheet.

  1. Go to Tablesome Create New Table and give the workflow a suitable title
  2. In the toolbar, go to Workflows Trigger 1
  3. Under trigger field,  select the ‘Contact Form 7 – On Form Submit’ trigger
  4. Now you can select the Contact Form 7 form that you want to connect to Google Spreadsheets
  5. Then you have to navigate to Action -1 and click the “GSheet Add Row” option under the Action field section.
  6. After that, you can choose the Spreadsheet you want to link to your form. Before moving on to this step, make a spreadsheet if you haven’t already.
  7. Next you have to select the spreadsheet’s worksheet
  8. Tablesome also allows you to aelect the Google Sheets worksheet that you want to send the form submissions to.
Map Contact Form 7 Fields to Google Spreadsheet Columns
  1. In order to send the form data you have to map the required Contact Form 7 form fields to the columns in the Google Sheets Spreadsheet using Tablesome.
  2. Mapping columns will be based on the Sheet headers and you can even map custom form fields such as Phone Number fields to Google Sheets.
  3. The Contact Form 7 form fields must be mapped to the corresponding Google spreadsheet columns. You can export only the form fields that you want.
  4. The first row of the Spreadsheet will be selected as the Header for the columns to which the form fields must be mapped. As a result, make sure to include the header data in your spreadsheet. You can label the first row to match your form fields.
  5. Save the settings and test the form to make sure it is working properly.

That’s it!

Your Contact Form 7 form should now be connected to Google Sheets and any submissions to the form should be automatically added to the specified spreadsheet.

There are several benefits to connecting Contact Form 7 (CF7) to Google Sheets:

Easy data collection:

By sending form submissions to a Google Sheets spreadsheet, you can easily collect and store data from your website visitors. You can then use this data for a variety of purposes, such as creating reports, analyzing trends, and making business decisions.

Data backup:

Google Sheets stores all of your data in the cloud, which means that it is always backed up and safe. This is especially important if you are collecting sensitive data or important information through your form.

Overall, connecting Contact Form 7 to Google Sheets can help you more easily collect and manage data from your website, and can provide a range of benefits in terms of collaboration, data backup, and integration with other applications.

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