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Would you like to connect WPForms and Google Sheets? Are you looking for an addon for WPForms Google Sheets Integration? Would you like to save your WPForms entries to Google Sheets?

In this post we will show you how you can integrate WPForms with Google Sheets.

WPForms is a popular WordPress Form plugin to quickly create contact forms with drag and drop interface. It is versatile and powerful with many advanced form fields. Google Sheets is a popular online spreadsheet application that allows users to update and analyze many sorts of data that can be created and shared collaboratively in real-time.

You should integrate WPForms with Google Sheets if you want to backup your WPForms entries or share them with the team you want to work with.
Let’s see how simple you want to make this.

WPForms Google Sheets Integration using Tablesome

You can connect WPForms to Google Sheets by using the WPForms – Google Sheets Integration plugin known as Tablesome.

The Tablesome plugin sends form submissions from WPForms to a Google Sheets spreadsheet automatically and helps you save the WPForms entries to Google Spreadsheets in real-time.

When a website visitor enters data via a WPForms form, Tablesome acts as a bridge between your WordPress forms and Google Sheets, sending the data to Google Sheets automatically.

You can quickly start a Tablesome free trial here.

Connect WPForms with Google Sheets – Step by Step Guide


Before you more to implementing the steps below you need to have:

  • Installed and activated WPForms plugin and made a new form that you want to connect to GSheets.
  • Create a new Google Spreadsheet. We advise you to make a new, separate Google Spreadsheet. We also advise you not to add any other content to this spreadsheet.
  • The Tablesome Pro plugin installed and activated

Steps to Connect WPForms with Google Sheets

Connect WordPress to Google Account

Tablesome uses the Oauth 2.0 method to connect your WordPress site to your Google account.

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Tablesome → Tablesome Settings → Integrations → Google
  2. Then click “Connect to Google”
  3. Log in to your Google account and grant access to all of the required scopes, namely Google Sheets and Google Drive, on the Google Authorization page.
  4. Save the settings after connecting Tablesome to your Google Account.

Create a WPForms to Google Sheets Integration Workflow:

Now you have to create a workflow with Tablesome to send WPForms entries to a Google Spreadsheet.

  1. Go to Tablesome Create New Table and give the workflow a suitable title
  2. In toolbar go to Workflows Trigger 1
  3. Under trigger field,  select the ‘WPForms – On Form Submit’ trigger
  4. Now you can select the WPForms form you want to connect to Google Sheets
  5. Then navigate to Action -1 and click the “GSheet Add Row” option under the Action field section.
  6. After that, choose the Spreadsheet you want to link to your form. Before moving on to this step, make a spreadsheet if you haven’t already.
  7. You could also select the specific worksheet within the spreadsheet.
Map WPForms Fields to Google Spreadsheet Columns

Now you have to map WPForms form fields to Google Sheet column fields.

  1. Mapping columns will be based on Sheet header data and even map custom fields such as Phone Number field.
  2. 1st row of Spreadsheet is selected as header, add header data and label it to match form fields.
  3. You have to map the WPForms form fields to match to the corresponding Google spreadsheet columns.
  4. Select only the form fields to export.
  5. Save Tablesome workflow after mapping.
  6. Now you can try to send a form submission using the WPForms.

Benefits to Connecting WPForms with Google Sheets

There are several benefits to connecting WPForms to Google Sheets:

Data Collection and Backup:

By sending WPForms entries a Google Sheets spreadsheet, you can easily collect and store data from your website visitors. Google Sheets stores all of your data in the cloud, which means that it is always backed up and safe.

Collaborative Access to WPForms Entries

With Google Sheets, you can share and work on a document in real time with others. This is especially helpful if you have a team of people working on the same project and need to access the WPForms entries data.

Connecting WPForms to Google Sheets can help you collect and manage data from your website more quickly, as well as providing a variety of benefits in terms of collaboration, data backup, and integration with other Google apps.

Upcoming Tablesome Google Sheets Features:

Filter WPForms entries before sending to Google Sheets

Tablesome allows you to filter the form entries before sending it to Google Sheets. You can filter the entries if you don’t want to send all WPForms entries to Google Sheets or you only want to send specific entries based on user input.

For example, only send those WPForms form entries to Google Sheets which contain work email addresses.

Send WPForms entries to Google Sheets Manually

Besides automatically send the entries you can also choose to manually send WPForms entries to Google Sheets.

WPForms to Google Sheets logs

You may see a complete log of each WPForms entry, whether it is transmitted to Google Sheets or not. If sending an entry failed, you can easily resend any entry to Google Sheets.

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