Create PDFs with Elementor Form Submissions

Do you want to generate PDF file from Elementor Form submissions? Want to learn how to send a PDF attachment in a Elementor form notification email? Do you want to print submissions from your Elementor form to PDF?

How do you generate a PDF file from Elementor Form submissions?

To generate a PDF file from Elementor form submissions, you can use a WordPress PDF Generator plugin that integrates with Elementor and allows you to create PDF documents from form submissions. One such plugin is Tablesome.

In this article, we’ll show you the easy way to use a Elementor Form PDF Generator plugin to generate a PDF file from Elementor form submissions.

Tablesome – Elementor Form To PDF Add-on

Tablesome is a great way to generate PDFs from Elementor Form submissions (including Signature) to quickly create beautiful workbooks, worksheets, invoices, and other types of PDF documents for your small business.

Tablesome could also send an email that has the generated PDF attached. You can store the generated PDF as a Media.

You can start a free Tablesome trial and test it out before purchasing it.

Create Elementor Form PDF Template

To create professional and amazing form PDF templates, you would want to make PDFs using numerous PDF templates. Tablesome has a simple PDF template generator for creating your own Elementor Forms PDF templates.

You could even combine different PDF templates with different Elementor forms to generate multiple sorts of PDFs on your site at the same time.

Send PDF through Email

You can deliver the PDF to the Elementor form submitter through email. The created PDF will be added to the form submitter’s auto-responder email. The PDF attachment to the email will be available for download by the user.

Elementor Form To PDF Download Button

You can allow form submitters to download the PDF after they submit the form.
Tablesome may generate a link (URL) to the generated form PDFs, allowing your users to download the PDF right away after submitting the form by adding a download button to the message that is displayed after Elementor Form submission.

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