Gravity Forms to HubSpot Connector – Tablesome Automator Plugin

Do you need to connect your WordPress business site to a CRM in order to manage and organize your leads and customers? Do you want to connect Gravity Forms to HubSpot CRM in order to manage, track, and segment your contacts?

In this article, we’ll look at how you can do it.

How to connect Elementor Forms to HubSpot – Step by step tutorial

Gravity Forms and HubSpot Integration

HubSpot is a fantastic CRM solution for turning leads into customers and maintaining long-term relationships with them. You can use HubSpot CRM to keep all of your client information in one place and integrate it with your WordPress website. HubSpot can be used for managing ads, live chat, email marketing, and more.

HubSpot is an excellent choice for small business owners’ marketing, sales, and customer service teams. Using HubSpot, business owners can organize email lists, track engagement, nurture relationships, and much more.

Gravity Forms is one of the greatest solutions to create various types of business forms in WordPress and offers more features than HubSpot forms in many aspects.

Tablesome – Gravity Forms HubSpot Add-On

You can use Tablesome, a Gravity Forms HubSpot add-on, to effortlessly connect your forms with HubSpot and integrate Gravity Forms with HubSpot. It is a great tool for HubSpot WordPress integration.

With Gravity Forms and HubSpot, Tablesome makes managing leads simple. New form data is automatically sent to your HubSpot dashboard, where you can manage, track, and segment your contacts.

You can easily give Tablesome a try for free!

When a visitor submits a Gravity Forms form on your WordPress website, Tablesome sends data to HubSpot, and a contact record in your HubSpot CRM account is automatically created or updated with the most recent information.

Tablesome HubSpot Integration Features

  • Sync all WordPress form submissions to HubSpot CRM quickly and easily.
  • When a form is submitted, automatically create or update a contact in HubSpot CRM.
  • Track user insights in HubSpot CRM and track Pages visited, Forms filled, User Interests, and so on.

Connecting HubSpot Account using API Key

You can connect your WordPress site and HubSpot by adding the HubSpot API key on Tablesome. Can connect your HubSpot account with any number of Gravity Forms.
You could also use Oauth 2.0 to connect to multiple HubSpot accounts.

Mapping HubSpot fields to Gravity Forms fields

To add contacts to your HubSpot account, you can map HubSpot object fields with Gravity Forms form fields.
You can easily translate the form fields on gravity forms to the fields on any HubSpot object (Contact, Ticket, etc.) or HubSpot form.

Filter Gravity Forms Submissions to be sent to HubSpot

The number of contacts you can have on HubSpot’s free service is limited.
So, if you don’t want to send all Gravity Forms entries to HubSpot, you can use Tablesome to pick and choose which contact information to send to HubSpot.
You can use user input to filter entries that are sent to your HubSpot account. Send that entry to HubSpot only if it contains a work email address, for example.

Filter Contacts using Conditional Logic

Form submissions can be filtered using conditional logic so that only submissions that meet a specific set of criteria are sent to HubSpot. It is much better than using the HubSpot forms conditional logic.

Stop Spamming on HubSpot Contacts

You can apply a filter using Tablesome before submitting the contact information to HubSpot. You might implement a spam filter, which will assist you in preventing the addition of spam contacts to your HubSpot contacts. It is better than using the HubSpot spam filter as you can filter the spam data before adding to HubSpot contacts.

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