Gravity Forms Integration Available Now to Automate Form Workflows

Many WordPress users love Gravity Forms and we thought why not integrate Tablesome with Gravity Forms. So we have added Gravity Forms OnFormSubmit Trigger to the free version of Tablesome.

You can now (v0.9.5) get Gravity Forms EntriesĀ  into Tablesome Tables for free. This Gravity Forms OnFormSubmit Trigger works smoothly with the previously available Tablesome Actions and features such as:

  • Save entries to Tablesome tables (including file uploads)
  • Quick edit form entries (inline)
  • Display entries on frontend pages and posts
  • Automatically export entries to Mailchimp and Notion
  • Send custom email notifications
  • Register Users using frontend forms (PRO)
  • Allow post submissions using frontend forms (PRO)

Gravity Forms users give it a try and tell us what you think:




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