How to Integrate Twilio with Contact Form 7 and Send SMS Notifications

Do you want to send SMS messages whenever someone fills out the form? Do you want to know how to send contact form data submitted via the website to your mobile phone as SMS?

Are you someone who rarely checks emails and feel it would be preferable to be notified via SMS?

If you prefer to send SMS instead of email, you could use a service like Twilio, which allows you to send and receive SMS from your apps.

With Twilio you could easily send SMS messages to any number including international ones (provided you have applied for the service).

By connecting Twilio and Contact Form 7, you can send SMS from your WordPress website with ease.

Tablesome – Contact Form 7 Twilio Integration

Tablesome is a Twilio SMS plugin for WordPress that allows you to send text messages directly from your website. The best Twilio integration solution for receiving SMS for WordPress form submissions is Tablesome.

You can send SMS notifications to phone numbers using Tablesome’s Contact Form 7 Twilio Integration when someone fills out the Contact Form 7 form and clicks ‘Send’.

You should have an active Twilio account to use Tablesome with Contact Form 7 plugin. If you don’t have a Twilio account you can start a free trial Twilio account, and give it a try.

You can also begin a free trial for Tablesome, so you should give it a shot.

Send Contact Form 7 SMS Notifications using Twilio and Tablesome

When setting up the integration all you have to do is give the mobile number to send SMS to your customers when they apply any action on the store.

To set up auto-response SMS messages to form submissions, you’ll need to first create a contact form using Contact Form 7 and use Tablesome to connect to Twilio SMS service.

Just as you send email notifications you could send SMS message notifications.

You can:

  • Send SMS to Admin to notify when someone send a message through the website forms
  • Send SMS to Form Submitter as a confirmation SMS
  • Send SMS to Teams (anyone involved with the company) and notify them about the form submissions

Twilio API Integration

Tablesome plugin helps you integrate your WordPress site with Twilio SMS service, using Twilio Gateway API that seamlessly integrates with WordPress.

You can integrate with the Twilio SMS API Gateway by entering the API credentials such as Twilio API SID and Twilio API Auth Token in the Tablesome settings.

Twilio SMS Templates

You could also customize the SMS messages that you send for each of the phone numbers (admin, teams, and users). You could also use Tags to fetch the data from form fields that you can add to the SMS template.

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