How to Connect Gravity Forms and Twilio to Send SMS Text Notifications

Do you want to be notified by text notification when someone places an order using an order form? Do you want SMS messages to be sent whenever someone fills out the form?

Do you want to know how to send contact form data submitted through the website as an SMS to your mobile phone? Are you someone who rarely checks emails and would rather be notified via SMS?

If you are a Gravity Forms user and you prefer to send SMS notification instead of email notification, you could use Twilio, which allows you to send and receive SMS notification when someone sends a message through the website forms.

Tablesome – Gravity Forms Twilio Integration Plugin

Twilio SMS WordPress plugin is the best Twilio integration solution for receiving SMS for WordPress form submissions. Tablesome is a Twilio SMS plugin that lets you send SMS messages directly from your WordPress website.

Tablesome Gravity Forms Twilio Integration can be used to send SMS text notifications to selected phone numbers using when someone fills out the form or when a payment is received.

You should have an active Twilio account to use Tablesome with Gravity Forms plugin. If you don’t have a Twilio account you can start a free trial Twilio account, and give it a try.

You can also begin a free trial for Tablesome, so you should give it a shot.

Send Gravity Forms SMS Notifications using Twilio and Tablesome

All you have to do when configuring the integration is provide a mobile number to send SMS to your customers when they perform any action on the store.
To connect auto-response SMS messages to form submissions, first create a contact form with Gravity Forms and then use Tablesome to connect to the Twilio SMS service.

SMS message notifications could be sent in the same way that email notifications are.

You may:

  • Send an SMS to the administrator when someone sends a message through the website forms.
  • Send a confirmation SMS to the form submitter.
  • Send SMS notifications to Teams (anyone involved with the company) about form submissions.

Gravity Forms Twilio API Integration

The Tablesome plugin integrates your WordPress site with the Twilio SMS service by utilising the Twilio Gateway API, which integrates seamlessly with WordPress.

By entering the API credentials such as Twilio SID and Twilio Auth Token in the Tablesome settings, you can integrate with the Twilio SMS Gateway API.

Customize Twilio SMS Notification Message Templates

You have complete control over the SMS messages that are sent with the Tablesome Twilio add-on, and you can tailor the SMS messages that are delivered to each of the phone lines (admin, teams, users, etc,).
To construct a dynamic SMS template, you can also utilise merge tags to retrieve the data from form fields.

Integrate with Gravity Forms Payment Add-Ons

Tablesome can also be integrated with Gravity Forms payment add-ons so that SMS notifications are only sent after payment confirmation is received.
You could also include payment related information in the SMS template.

Send SMS with Conditional Logic

You can use conditional logic on form submissions and send an SMS message only if the conditions are met. Tablesome Twilio add-on only sends data to Twilio when the conditions are met.

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