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Need to set up a frontend user registration form on your WordPress website? Looking to use Gravity Forms to register users on your WordPress frontend? Do you want to register your site visitors as members on your WordPress website?

When you have an online platform or a membership site you would want to have a user-friendly registration forms to register users directly on your WordPress website.

Let’s see how to use the Gravity Forms plugin to construct a WordPress frontend user registration form.

How To Create A Gravity Forms User Registration Form?

You can quickly and easily register users on your WordPress website with Tablesome, an advanced user registration add-on for Gravity Forms.
Tablesome makes it easy to sign users up to your site with Gravity Forms.
You may configure the user creation workflow in Tablesome by simply adding the user registration fields to a Gravity Forms form.

Starting a free trial of Tablesome is simple. Check out Tablesome if you want to automate your workflow for form entries as well as many other form automation features.

The Gravity Forms payment add-ons may be integrated with Tablesome, enabling you to charge registration fees or set up recurring subscriptions for customers signing up.

You can use the Tablesome Gravity Forms User registration along with other popular WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, BuddyPress, etc,.

Start a Free Trial of Tablesome Plugin here.

How to create a Gravity Forms User Registration Form – Tutorial

Change WordPress User Registration Settings:

Before we begin registering new users, you must first ensure that membership is enabled on your WordPress website.

Log in to your WordPress dashboard to check this:

  • Navigate to Settings → General →  Membership
  • Click ‘Anyone can register’ to allow any user to register on your website

Creating a User Registration Form with Gravity Forms:

(Note: Before you move to this step it is required that you have Gravity Forms plugins installed and active on your site)
To add a Gravity Forms User Registration Form, first create a new form on your WordPress site by

  • Go to Forms → New Form
  • Give the form an appropriate title and then start adding the form fields and the labels.
  • Username and Email are the two required fields for WordPress user creation.
  • Other user profile fields, such as First Name, Last Name, Nickname, Display Name, and so on, can be added to your form.
  • You can also request any other personal information you want, such as your phone number, address, Zodiac sign, Marital Status, and any other user details.
  • After adding all the required user fields, save the form.
  • Then go to the user registration page and add the form using Gravity Forms block or by pasting the shortcode.

Setting up the Gravity Forms User Registration Workflow:

(Note: you need to have Tablesome Pro plugin installed and active on your site to follow the steps below. You can start a free trial here)

  • Go to Tablesome → Create New Table, and give this workflow a good title
  • Under ‘Workflows’ go to Trigger 1 section, here select Gravity Forms Integration
  • Select the ‘On Form Submit (Gravity Forms)’ trigger and select the user registration form that we have just created
  • Then go to Action 1 → WordPress Integration → ‘Add User(WordPress)’ action
  • You can also Enable or Disable user notification email
  • Next go to the Map User Field section, to map the form fields to the available user fields
  • Username, User Email, and User Role are the necessary fields for a user creation
  • You can assign a User Role to the user here; this role will be assigned to the user when he or she registers on your website.
    (For more information on all WordPress User Roles, see the following article.)
  • Other available user profile fields and User Metadata can also be mapped.
  • The workflow can then be saved by clicking the ‘Save’ button.

User Password Setup After Form Submit

Tablesome does not allow you to use the Gravity Forms password field. In order to set a password, you will get an email consisting of an auto-generated link that will be sent to the users, and users can set the password on the corresponding page.

Besides user registration, you can also allow redirection after form submit, and adjust the options so the link opens in a new tab.

You can also add the contact to the Mailchimp audience when a new user is created and many more automations with Tablesome.

Gravity Forms User Login Form (Upcoming Feature)

Besides registrering members you have to make it easier for old members to quickly log in as well. So Tablesome will have the option for members to login to your WordPress site from the Gravity Forms frontend login form.

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