Form Submissions: Preventing Duplicates & Setting Limits and Sort by Recent

Tablesome v1.0.2 has just been released, and it includes new features in both the Free and Pro versions.

These features include some of the most frequently requested and eagerly anticipated capabilities. Let’s take a look at them now.

Default Table Sorting (Free)

If you have to manually sort the table every time you access it, it could be quite a hassle.

Tablesome’s latest version includes a Default Sorting option that saves a sorted table. This means that every time the table is accessed, the saved sorting will be applied automatically.

You can find a new Sort button near the Search and Filter options, where you can select the table column and apply ascending or descending order to it. When you click Save or Update the sorting selection would be saved.

Both the backend and frontend table will display the new order.

Note: Because the current default sorting is sent as created_at / descending , the behavior of adding new rows is also changed. When you add a new row, it will be inserted at the top of the table.

To use drag and drop ordering or to insert a new row below the current row (previous behavior), you need to switch the Sort to Custom.

Preventing Duplicate Entries and Limiting Form Submissions

You might also want to Prevent Duplicates or Limit the number of submissions through a specific form, if you are running a content or you want to stop your site from getting spammed.

So in this version, Tablesome gives you 2 new options to Tablesome Add Row action:

  1. Prevent Duplication (Free) – stop duplicate form entries from being submitted through the form
  2. Limit Total Submissions  (Pro) – set a limit to total number of submissions that can be stored in the table.

On Email Send Trigger (Free) – WordPress Email Log

In Tablesome v1.0.2, we have added the On Email Send Trigger that works along with Tablesome Add Row action to save emails logs to Tablesome tables.

It automatically stores the email fields such as To, Subject, Message, and Attachments to table columns.

You could also export the email logs to CSV or XLSX files, fully or partially by apply filters to export.

Why Wait?

Existing Tablesome users, you can easily update to the latest version on your site to take advantage of these features.

Please leave us a review if you enjoy Tablesome! It gives us a boost to keep going!

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