Best WordPress OTP Plugin for Verification, Authentication, and More!

Would you like to use OTPs on your WordPress website? Do you want OTP verification to be required when users sign up for accounts on your WordPress website?

Do you want your users to use OTP (One Time Password / Passcode) to access your WordPress site? Want to add two-factor authentication to the WordPress site login process?

Do you want mobile phone numbers to be used by visitors to register and sign in on your website?

OTP for WordPress

OTP is gaining popularity since it is extremely dependable and secure. Therefore, it makes sense that you would want to incorporate an OTP plugin into your WordPress website.

You can use OTP to verify the user’s provided information, like phone number, email address, etc.

OTP enables users to log in to your WordPress website using their cellphone numbers rather than email addresses. The OTP authentication system secures registration/login and provides more legitimate data.

Additionally, you may let customers use a One-Time-Password to complete the WooCommerce checkout when registration is mandatory.

OTP can be sent via voice call, email, WhatsApp, or SMS.

Tablesome – WordPress OTP Plugin

If you’re looking for the best OTP plugin for WordPress, check out Tablesome WordPress OTP plugin.

Tablesome is a WordPress OTP SMS plugin and a WordPress OTP verification plugin that you can use to send OTP SMS or OTP emails to users during various WordPress site processes such as including registration, login, WooCommerce checkout, and many others.

You can start a Tablesome free trial here.

How Tablesome OTP works?

  1. Use Tablesome to integrate your WordPress site with a SMS gateway or Email service provider
  2. Create a OTP workflow in Tablesome (registration, login, etc,)
  3. User enters their phone number or email
  4. App generates an OTP (authentication token)
  5. App sends the OTP via selected channel to the user
  6. User enters the correct OTP
  7. App verifies the OTP
  8. Tablesome performs the action in the set workflow (for example, user is registered to your site)

Tablesome WordPress OTP Features

OTP Phone Number and Email Verification

When a new user registers on your WordPress site, you can send OTP SMS and OTP Email to their mobile number and email address to confirm that the information provided is correct.

OTP Two-Factor Authentication / Verification

OTP can be used in two-factor authentication as a second factor, when you are using the default password verification as the first factor. This use of OTP in multi-factor authentication can be used in any workflow that requires authentication.

Passwordless Login (Authentication)

Passwords are hard to remember and tough to maintain securely. People are discouraged from using the same password for multiple platforms and it’s hard to remember the password for every site or every app that you are registered with.

So users can login to your site with OTP as a single factor authentication.

Register Users With Only Phone Number

People nowadays prefer using phone numbers rather than emails to register on apps and websites because they are browsing on their mobile phones and do not want to receive promotional emails.

Visitors who register using OTP are encouraged to do it as it is faster rather than taking their time and filling out a lengthy registration form.

Long mandatory registration procedures may cause customers to abandon their shopping carts, especially throughout the checkout process.

You could use Tablesome to disable email login and make OTP login the default method.

OTP Verification for Password Reset

Besides registering and logging in to the WordPress site, you would also use Tablesome OTP verification when a user is resetting the password.

Integrating with SMS Gateways and Email Services

Tablesome can be integrated with various SMS gateways such as Twilio, Clickatell, ClickSend, and others, as well as email marketing services such as Mailchimp, SendGrid, and SendinBlue, using API credentials, to send OTP via SMS and Emails.

If you want to integrate with other service providers, please contact us and tell us about your requirements.

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