Essential Gravity Forms Add-Ons from Tablesome Automator

Are you looking for Gravity Forms add-ons to enhance its power and capabilities? Do you need Gravity Forms add-ons to automate workflows? Do you want to connect Gravity Forms to a variety of third-party services, such as CRMs, email marketing services, payment providers, spreadsheet tools, and other popular business applications?

Gravity Forms is powerful WordPress form builder plugin that is used by millions of site owners. Its a robust and versatile form plugin with which you can create many different types of web forms. Since there is so much possible with Gravity Forms you also need add-ons to extend its capabilities.

Other than the official add-ons there are so many 3-party add-ons available for Gravity Forms. Some are free add-ons and many are premium add-ons. So you have to selectively search, buy, install, use and maintain each add-on on your WordPress site. You have to install less number of add-ons as much as possible as cost and maintenance increases with each add-on you add to your site.

Let’s see the add-ons that give the essential capabilities to power-up and automate your Gravity Forms workflows.

The Best Gravity Form Add-on – Tablesome

Tablesome is a WordPress Form Automation plugin that works seamlessly with Gravity Forms to automate your business workflows based on form submissions. Tablesome allows you to automate routine business tasks such as entry automation, form emails and notifications, email marketing, invoicing, automatic data sharing with your team, connecting and sending data to your business apps from your WordPress site, and more.

There are both free and pro versions in Tablesome plugin. To test it out, you can quickly download the free version from the WordPress plugin repository. If necessary, you can then upgrade to the premium version.

Because it is an all-in-one Gravity Forms add-on plugin, it includes so many features and integrations that each one could be regarded a distinct add-on.

With Tablesome you can build simple directories or powerful applications using your form entries. So, below, we’ll look at all of the features and integrations available with Tablesome.

Gravity Forms Entries Add-on

Tablesome is a Gravity Forms Entries add-on that saves Gravity Forms contributions as entries in spreadsheet-like tables automatically. When the entries are being stored you can also use it as a trigger to perform several automation actions such as automatically exporting the data to external sources, sending email and other notifications etc.,

Gravity Forms Edit Entry Add-on

The stored from entries can be edited on both the backend and frontend of WordPress. You can quickly edit entries in a spreadsheet-like table interface. You could also logged-in users to edit only their entries.

Read more on editing Gravity Form entries.

Gravity Forms Display Entries on Frontend

By copying and pasting the table shortcode to the page you want to add, you may easily show the form entries on WordPress posts and pages.
You might alternatively use a filter table to display only selected filtered data on the frontend like allowing users to see and update only their own entries.

Gravity Forms Export Add-on

The stored Gravity Forms entries can be manually exported as CSV and XLSX files that you can import into external database and storage applications. Entries can be exported from both WordPress backend and frontend.

You can also export single entries as PDF and CSV and share to user using a secure, shareable download link. You can also automatically send to external sources which we will see below.

Gravity Forms Import Add-on

Tablesome is also a Gravity Forms Import add-on as it allows for importing form entries from CSV or XLSX files. You can import Gravity Forms entries from other sites to Tablesome plugin your site.

Gravity Forms PDF Add-on

The best add-on for creating customized PDF documents from Gravity Forms entries is Tablesome. The ultimate self-hosted solution for dynamically generating digital PDF documents with WordPress is created when Tablesome and Gravity Forms are combined.

Therefore Tablesome can also be considered as a Gravity PDF and Fillable PDFs add-on.

Tablesome can instantly create and send downloadable PDFs after a form is submitted. Filling out a form with Tablesome and Gravity Forms will allow you to provide your website visitors with the option to download PDF files.

Gravity Forms CRM and App Integration Add-on:

You can apply conditions and schedules before sending the data to these apps.

Gravity Forms Google Sheets Add-On

You can connect and manage your Gravity Forms entry data with Google Sheets using Tablesome.
Tablesome sends Gravity Forms form submissions to Google Sheets whenever someone fills out a contact form on your WordPress website.

Gravity Forms HubSpot Add-On

Tablesome is a great tool to integrate Gravity Forms with HubSpot CRM to send a contact from submission data from your Gravity Forms to HubSpot account.

Gravity Forms MailChimp Add-On

If you use Mailchimp for email marketing, you can integrate Gravity Forms and Mailchimp using Tablesome so that submissions are added as contacts to your MailChimp lists. Using Tablesome, you can set up conditions for adding subscribers and MailChimp Tags to the contacts.

Gravity Forms Slack Add-On

You can integrate Gravity Forms with Slack and send instant notification messages to your Slack channel whenever a new form is submitted on your WordPress website. With Tablesome you can notify a Slack Channel or send direct message to a Slack user.

Gravity Forms Google Drive Add-On

Gravity Forms and Google Drive could be linked.
When a form is submitted, Google Drive will automatically receive any form file uploads. Users can also choose to upload files from their personal Google accounts.

You can also automatically export the entries created as PDF and CSV files to Google Drive in addition to uploading files.

Gravity Forms Notion Add-On

You can use Tablesome to connect Gravity Forms to a Notion database and send form data from your WordPress site to your Notion database and you can save your form entries on an external database.

Gravity Forms Twilio Add-On

Integrate your forms with the Twilio SMS service to receive notifications whenever a form is submitted or a payment is received via a customizable SMS text message or as a WhatsApp message.

Gravity FormsĀ  Zoho CRM Add-on

With Tablesome you can sends Gravity Forms entries to Zoho CRM. You can integrate your Gravity Forms from with Zoho’s CRM to create or update contacts in your Zoho CRM, or add new sales leads after form submissions.

Gravity Forms Zapier Add-On

Use Gravity Forms’ Zapier integration to connect your forms to hundreds of different apps and services if you want to connect to more apps for which you don’t have any add-ons.

Other Gravity Forms Workflows

You could also automate other tasks after form submission. Some of them are:

Gravity Forms Email Users Add-On

Tablesome is also a Gravity Forms Email add-on enables you to send personalized and automated emails like auto-responders, confirmation emails, and notification emails when a from is submitted.

You can send emails to multiple addresses, including site administrators and other custom emails, in addition to form submitter.

You can also send conditional emails, which route emails to various contact groups according to the information you enter in the form fields.

Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation Add-On

You can easily accept WordPress posts from frontend forms using Tablesome and Gravity Forms. WordPress posts, pages, custom post types, and WooCommerce products can be submitted by users to your WordPress website.
You can accept user-submitted events, guest post submissions, and a lot more without giving them access to your WordPress dashboard.

Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On

With Tablesome you can easily use Gravity Forms to create user registration forms to register your site visitors as members on your WordPress website.

Final Thoughts:

Let me ask you a question: would it be better to have multiple add-ons, each with its own feature, or to use a single add-on with all of the features?

I guess you already know the answer. With Tablesome, you get the power of all the add-ons at the price and maintenance of a single add-on.

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